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    WARNING! If the product is not in stock, we reserve the right to automatically pre-order it for you from the manufacturer Combat shirt "Sochi MOD.2" is ideal for hot weather. It consists of two parts - the sleeveless shoulders and neck made of durable and lightweighted polyviscose and the body of breathable, fast-drying knit. Features: Hypoallergenic,...

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    Combat shirt solves this problem, as it is made of lightweight and elastic, sweat-wicking material, which normalises the microclimate under the clothes."M1" combat shirt is extremely light and so it is an excellent choice if you need to perform active actions in hot weather. The absence of elbow pads makes your movements more comfortable.

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    We present to your attention a new modification of the combat shirt, adapted for wearing under body armor / chest-rig / tactical vest.Combat Shirt is a special form of clothes of military personnel and special forces soldiers performing their missions in conditions of high air temperatures and humidity. Fabric composition: 100% polyester, 40/60% cotton /...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items