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    This is a standard pouch for a Small Infantry Shovel MPL-50 issued in Russian army. Usually, this pouch with a shovel is installed on the Army Patrol Backpack or on the belt part of the vest.The shovel is fixed inside the pouch with two flaps on the turnstile buttons, the pouch can be attached in two directions, with the handle up and the handle down.

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    Folding shovel for rocky soils. Small shovel for rocky soils was developed as a universal trench tool.Blade tip has a hardness of 54 units. HRC (Rockwell).The handle of the shovel is made of rubberized thick-walled steel pipe, which provides grip comfort and dielectric properties of the product. Can be used as a shovel or ax. Specifications: Made of 65 G...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items