Field Uniform "Arctic"

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The Arctic uniform is an outfit for military personnel performing military service in a particularly cold climate.

New generation of "Arctic" uniform is made of durable rip-stop material. The balanced composition of the fabric provides strength and ventilation. The uniform contains pockets in the area of the knees and elbows for the placement of protectors.Velcro panels at the sleeves allow to use any patches.

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The uniform has a central zip fastening, reinforced with velcro fasteners. The zipper is so less stretched and camouflaged. The collar on uniforms are fitted with Velcro fasteners to fasten the patches. In case of injury, it is possible to combine with the Velcro pocket patent on the wrist to create an improvised substitution for the triplet scarf. The "Arctic" uniforms are stitched with a flat seam technique to reduce skin irritation during wear. Ergonomic seam 'Arctic" uniform ensures maximum freedom of movement and comfort. Thanks to the padding, the 'Arctic" uniforms are not restricted even in the case of The 'Arctic" uniforms are fitted with Velcro fasteners for the placement of patches.

'Arctic" uniform is reinforced in the area of ​​lace, seat and knee high-strength fabric.

Composition: 65% cotton, 35% polyester
Impregnation against insects • fabric density 340g / m2
Breathability 30mm / s.
Weight 1239g
Arctic Digital camouflage

Made in Russia

Production and delivery time may be reduced or increased. It all depends on the factories load.


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