SSO Expeditionary backpack "Edelweiss 3M"

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We present to your attention the expeditionary mountain backpack "Edelweiss-3".
Total volume of the backpack is 80 liters.
Backpack is designed for long outings and expeditions in conditions of pedestrian transportation of a large amount of property and equipment.

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As a type of equipment, "Edelweiss-3" is well suited for both military and civilian users. The backpack is equipped with durable aluminum "armor", which is an important structural element of the entire system. The use of the product without "armor" is not provided. The backpack has a rectangular design with dual entrances to the main compartment. The upper entrance has a traditional look and is a wide neck, pulled down by a tube with a cord and a plastic retainer, covered from above by a flap valve on two polyamide fastex locks. The lower entrance is located above the bottom of the backpack, on the front side, and is a semicircular openable flap with a strong polyamide zipper. In the closed position, the lower entrance is additionally fastened with two fastex locks. The main compartment of the backpack has a separating membrane, which can be opened with a polyamide zipper, which allows you to form two separate compartments: the upper one (by 3/4 of the volume of the main compartment) - using the above-mentioned upper entrance and the lower (1/4 of the volume) - respectively, with the entrance to the lower parts. The detachable top flap of the backpack, covering the upper entrance to the main compartment, has its own large pocket with a polyamide zipper. This pocket also houses a detachable waterproof backpack cover that can be pulled over to protect it from rain, splash or dew. On the inside of the top flap of the backpack there is another flat secret pocket with polyamide zipper, convenient for storing documents and valuables. Side pockets are integrated into the right and left sides of the backpack, 3/4 of its height, starting from the top entrance. The pockets have a pair of hidden vertical cut-in wedges, which significantly increase their volume when full. The entrance to the side pockets is carried out from the back, through vertical openings running along the entire height of the pockets, closed with a polyamide zipper. The volume of the main compartment and side pockets is additionally regulated by side straps (two on each side), which also help to secure long lengths. In the lower part of the backpack, at the bottom, on the right and left sides, there is a small open pocket-base for placing long objects (for example, the butt of a weapon). The detachable shoulder straps and detachable belt of the backpack are combined with a system of straps and, what is important, two vertical aluminum "battens". Fastening and passing through the corresponding pockets-channels on the back of the backpack, the back of the straps and belt, "armor" gather all the elements into a single rigid structure. The straps of the backpack, at the base, form a common "back", from which they diverge separately. A developed removable belt is located under the lower soft panel resting on the sacrum. In the front part, the belt goes into a strong 50 mm sling with fastening with a buckle-fastex. All internal parts of the shoulder straps and waistband, which are in contact with the user's body, are covered with a soft and durable ventilation mesh. The straps are reinforced with strong polyamide straps and have loops and steel half rings for securing small items of equipment. The backpack is insured against loss and slipping from the user's back by a strong, adjustable in volume and height, chest strap with a fastex fastener. The backpack, on the body, in the front part, and on the top flap has a counterpart tape of the PALS / MOLLE standard. There are 5 horizontal strips on the body (5 full MOLLE cells) and 4 horizontal strips on top of the valve (8 cells). On the bottom of the backpack, two wide horizontal ribbons are sewn, each of which forms 8 sockets, allowing you to attach any external equipment with additional straps. At the bottom of the backpack, from the outside, two special loops are sewn, allowing, if necessary, to fasten two ski poles, an ice ax and other additional tools. In the upper front part of the "Edelweiss-3" has a large convenient handle for carrying. All zipper pawls are equipped with additional leashes made of durable nylon cord.

Made in Russia by SSO
Production and delivery time may be reduced or increased. It all depends on the factories load.