SSO Raid Backpack 60+20l Bergen

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Raid backpack with a capacity of 60 liters (main compartment) and two side removable pockets with a total capacity of 20 liters. The backpack is designed to carry equipment belonging to the third echelon of a soldier's equipment - additional ammunition, camp equipment, sleeping bag, warm uniforms and changing clothes, food, surveillance and reconnaissance devices.

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Side pockets are attached to the main container with zippers, with the help of which, having unfastened the pockets from the backpack, they are connected to each other and are used with light straps as an assault backpack. The main capacity of the backpack with upper and lower entrances is divided into two parts by a removable partition, which allows you to place shoes or a sleeping bag at the bottom of the backpack without mixing them with the rest of your belongings. The upper entrance is closed with a removable flap and an additional soft tube with a retainer made of a cord with a stopper, and the lower entrance for a sleeping bag is zipped and quick-release polymer locks. If a fighter uses a drinking system with a capacity of up to three liters, then it can be placed in a pocket from the inside of the back wall of the main container by leading the hose through the hole in the upper part of the wall. In the lower part of the front wall of the backpack, two loops are sewn for attaching an ice ax, ski and trekking poles. Personal hygiene items and a waterproof, camouflage cover fit into the flap of a backpack divided into two compartments with a zipper. The valve is attached to the backpack with four quick-release polymer locks - fastexes with height adjustment and is completed with a removable 50 mm wide belt with a fastener - “fastex” for using the valve as a waist bag. Backpack with a frame made of two removable aluminum plates inserted into inner pockets on the wrong side of the back wall and fixed with flaps with a linden closure. For long hikes, the backpack is equipped with a developed removable soft belt - a girth, straps for pulling the upper part of the backpack to the shoulder straps. The backpack is carried on shoulder straps, adjusted in height with the help of adjusting, steel buckles on the bottom of the straps and their removable attachment - a loop on the back of the backpack, which is tucked into horizontal straps and fixed with an overlap "linden". Also, the shoulder straps of the backpack are equipped with steel locks - quick release. The straps are pulled together by a detachable chest strap fastened with a "fastex". In terms of volume, the backpack is fitted with side ties - belts. On the outer wall of the backpack there are seven horizontal belts with forty-nine cells 35 mm wide for fastening removable bags and covers of the PALS system (MOLLE). The rolled up mat can be fixed to the bottom of the backpack with detachable loops threaded into 45 mm wide mesh belts. Product dimensions: Height of the main container - 750 mm; Main container tube height - 330 mm; Valve height - 70 mm; The length of the main container along the bottom is 300 mm; Width - 300 mm; Removable pocket height - 360 mm; Removable pocket length - 190 mm; Removable pocket width - 110 mm. The weight of a product made of a material with a density of 500D is 2 kg 500 grams.
Made in Russia by SSO
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