SSO Patrol Backpack "Coyote 2" 35l

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Coyote 2 belongs to the class of patrol backpacks designed to provide the owner autonomy for several days, as part of the performance of official duties in isolation from the supply bases. Apart from military use, the backpack is perfect for tourists, hunters, rescuers, doctors, and other emergency workers,.

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Patrol backpack with the possibility of installation of the drinking system. Consists of main compartment with an insulated compartment for 3-liter jar in the back, two pockets to accommodate items of equipment, papers and tools. In the upper part of the main compartment is an outlet for a hose drinking system and two closing valves output port of the antenna or communication wires. The outer surface of the backpack is lined with strips for attaching additional pouches. On the front panel are sewn two bands the fundamentals of Velcro (Velcro "thistles). Back three soft cushions: the waist and 2 shoulder. Advanced removable belt. Straps system bistropole as locks which uses polymer fastex. The General design of the "Coyote-2" repeats the concept of a backpack "Сamelbak Motherlode" first generation intended for transportation of communications (ASIP stations in particular).

Made in Russia by SSO
Production and delivery time may be reduced or increased. It all depends on the factories load.