SSO Mountain Backpack "Edelweiss-4" 90L

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Mountain backpack "Edelweiss-4" with a volume of 90-120 liters is intended for carrying property by soldiers of special and reconnaissance units of all branches of the military and special services operating for a long time in isolation from the main sources of supply, as well as tourists, rescuers, travelers.

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The backpack is well balanced (composed according to the classic scheme), which allows carrying a heavily loaded backpack for a long time. The backpack has a main container (the main container is divided into two compartments by means of a removable, adjustable partition), a valve pocket, four side pockets and two pockets formed by the walls of the main container and side pockets. The main container is equipped with a tube with a pull-on cord and is covered with a zipper with a bar. To attach additional equipment outside, the mountain backpack (including the valve) is equipped with sewn polyamide ribbons. Comfortable carrying of the backpack for a long time is provided by a sophisticated harness with increased reliability. The backpack has adjustable detachable straps with anti-fall straps, chest straps and a powerful waist grip with a waist cushion and a quick-release polymer lock with increased strength and frost resistance. The harness system makes it possible to adjust the straps relative to the volume of the main tube thanks to the belt loops sewn onto the back wall of the mountain backpack (to which the straps are attached using a special loop). Additional convenience of carrying the backpack and distribution of loads is provided by attaching the adjustment straps to the lumbar straps (in contrast to the traditional attachment to the main container of the backpack). In extreme circumstances, for almost instant release from the backpack from any position, the straps of the backpack are equipped with steel self-release locks of the original design. To achieve maximum reliability, all the most loaded and critical components of the backpack - adjusting buckles, anti-kickback buckles, self-discharge, are made of steel with a black, matte anti-corrosive coating. Secondary units - adjusting buckles for the volume of pockets, quick-release valve locks are made of polymer with increased strength and frost resistance. The quick-release buckle of the waist girth can withstand a load of up to 200 kg, and the belt belts, depending on the width, can withstand a tear of 800 kg. The backpack is made of polyamide fabric with water-repellent impregnation.
Made in Russia by SSO
Production and delivery time may be reduced or increased. It all depends on the factories load.