SSO Raid Backpack "Attack 5"

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Backpack with a volume of 60 liters. The backpack became a further development of the Attack family of raid backpacks towards greater versatility and the possibility of using it as a backpack for units operating autonomously in high altitude conditions. The backpack is designed for carrying in it the property of the individual soldier's personal equipment included in the third echelon (line).

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The backpack is designed for carrying in it the property of the individual soldier's personal equipment included in the third echelon (line). As a rule, these are additional ammunition, camping equipment, warm clothing, a change of linen, personal hygiene products, mountain equipment, engineering equipment, food and water supplies, surveillance and reconnaissance devices, additional communications equipment. The property is placed in the main compartment, three external pockets, two pockets of the volumetric top flap and on the external attachment points. Main compartment with two entrances. The upper entrance is pulled by a cord with a stopper and closed with a soft tube with its own retainer. Additionally, the upper entrance is pulled together by a belt strap thrown over it with a fastener - "fastex" - such a belt allows you to maintain quick access to the contents of the backpack, and its fixation when the neck and tube are not tightened. The tube is closed with a removable valve with four height-adjustable fastexes. The valve is completed with two detachable 50 mm wide belts with "fastex" for use as a waist bag. Internal flap pockets are closed with twisted zippers. In addition to the property inside the valve, a backpack cover fixed there is also carried, which serves to protect the backpack from moisture and camouflage against plant green backgrounds. When in use, the cover is attached with a belt to a buckle - a five-wall outside the back wall of the valve. The lower entrance is closed with a horizontal twisted zipper covered with a bar, at the level of which a folding partition is sewn from the inside of the outer wall, held by two buckles - six-wall. A second soft tube with a tie - a retainer and a stopper is sewn over the partition. The system of two tubes completely isolates the contents of the main compartment, eliminating the mixing of items of different sizes and purposes. The zipper is additionally secured with “fastexes” with adjusting straps that can be used to attach additional equipment to the backpack. A soft container with water, with a volume of up to three liters, fits into a special pocket on the inside of the back wall of the main container, the hose is removed through the hole at the top of the wall. The drinking container pocket has a rigid padding and a zippered mesh document pocket. For attaching modules of the PALS (MOLLE) system to the backpack, eight horizontal belt belts with sixty-six cells with a width of 35-40 mm are sewn to the outer walls of the main container. Three more straps with twenty-four cells are sewn to the top of the flap. For attaching additional property (rolled up heat-insulating mat or tent, RPG, RShG), the backpack is equipped with eight detachable 720 mm long loops. Four loops with adjustment buckles - six-sided and four with "fastex". The hinges can be attached to two 50 mm wide belts sewn on the bottom with stitches forming sixteen 35 mm wide cells. For fastening mountain equipment (ice axes, trekking and ski poles), two special U-shaped loops from a belt tape are sewn over the lower entrance to the backpack. The top of the sticks or the ice ax is fastened with removable loops threaded into vertical belts with 35 mm wide meshes. A pocket on the outer wall of the main compartment, one-piece, removable, with a soft tube with a latch and a volumetric flap - attached to the backpack using three vertical and three horizontal PALS (MOLLE) belts sewn to it and can be used as a small combat pack (cracker bag) in unloading vest set. The side pockets are also one-piece, with reinforcements, volumetric flaps and a drawstring at the top with a cord threaded through the eyelets. The contents of the pockets can be further tightened with four horizontal buckled straps. If the pockets are empty with these straps, they can be pulled together until they are completely flat. Pockets are sewn to the main container only with vertical lines, leaving space between the walls of the pocket and the main container for flat long items. On the walls of the main compartment under the side pockets, flat pockets for PG-7 grenades and loops for carabiners are sewn, with which the backpack can be lowered along a cable. The inner frame of the backpack consists of two duralumin tires ("armor") 5 mm thick and 30 mm wide with plastic tips. Tires are inserted into special pockets made of belt tape from the seamy side of the back wall and are fixed with valves on the linden and metal buttons. For comfortable wearing and back ventilation, two 10 mm thick soft pillows with mesh lining are sewn on the back wall. The dorsal and lumbar cushions create an L-shaped channel on the back for the passage of air. Shoulder straps are S-shaped, adjustable in height by a central loop sewn between them from a belt tape 50 mm wide, fastened to the horizontal loops on the back wall of the main container (between soft pillows) and adjusting metal buckles - "six-wall". The loop is fastened with a textile fastener

Made in Russia by SSO
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