6B34 Protective Goggles

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Russian tactical goggles provide protection against high-speed flying particles with medium-energy impact, thermal factors, drops of chemically aggressive (non-corrosive) fluids and oils, coarse aerosols, atmospheric effects and mechanical damage when participating in military sports (airsoft, paintball), hunting .

The protective glass, depending on the model of glasses, has the following resistance parameters to the effect of solid flying particles when testing (steel ball with a diameter of 6.35 mm):

Model OZ-250 - V50% ≥ 250 m / s.

amber (for twilight conditions, transmittance of 85%, improves visual acuity);
smoky (sunscreen, transmittance 22%).

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• Excellent vision protection.
• Reliable thick lenses.


• Lenses: Polycarbonate.
• Frame: Rubber.


• 210 gram.

Made in Russia.


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