6b34 Protective Goggles

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Russian tactical goggles provide protection against high-speed flying particles with medium-energy impact, thermal factors, drops of chemically aggressive (non-corrosive) fluids and oils, coarse aerosols, atmospheric effects and mechanical damage when participating in military sports (airsoft, paintball), hunting .

The protective glass, depending on the model of glasses, has the following resistance parameters to the effect of solid flying particles when testing (steel ball with a diameter of 6.35 mm):

Model OZ-250 - V50% ≥ 250 m / s.

OZ-350 glasses, has an extended configuration option, which includes two types of interchangeable lenses, designed to replace the base (colorless) glass, and an improved cartridge pouch with additional interchangeable lens pockets, fastened with a zipper.
Types of interchangeable lenses:

amber (for twilight conditions, transmittance of 85%, improves visual acuity);
smoky (sunscreen, transmittance 22%).

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• Excellent vision protection.
• Reliable thick lenses.


• Lenses: Polycarbonate.
• Frame: Rubber.


• 210 gram.

Made in Russia.


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