Kevlar Helmet 6b47 Ratnik ( Set )

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Ratnik original helmet

The protective structure of the shell is a discrete-fabric material based on aramid fibers. • Retains the protective properties at temperatures from -50 °C to +50 °C
• Allows driving of vehicles
• Alllows for deactivation and decontamination and does not reduce the safety and performance after their exposure. • Does not interfere with the environment to perceive sounds.
• Has a repair adaptability which allows to carry out repairs in the field without special tools.
• Compatibility with Summer, Winter and staff uniforms. • Easy and quick donning and removal without assistance.
• The possibility of planting, placement in military equipment and other vehicles, as well as the use of individual weapons while in these.
• Operation in the winter due to the use of insulated liner.

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Experts from the Dupont Test Center, one of the most recognized in the world, recognized the Russian helmet as the best in the world.
They admit it's the best helmet they ever held. FSP 17 grains (1.1g) according to U.S. Pat. Swiss experts have found that the anti-scratch protection of the helmet 6b47 is free of fragments at a velocity of V50%.
Such a fragment reaches a speed of 684 m / s, which is 14 m / s more than the American helmet, despite the fact that the Sentry helmet is almost 1/2 heavier than 6b47.

Night vision and tactical lights can be connected.

Weight: 1kg

Goods will be delivered within 30 days of receipt of payment.