Gas mask MP-5

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MP-5 gas mask - full-time gas mask of the Polish Armed Forces. This mask is intended to protect the user's respiratory tract against poisonous substances in the air, radioactive dust and bacterial aerosols. . Design also enables drinking and conversation. Mask is currently produced by Maskpol.

•Unused military surplus...

•Includes carrying case , standard 40mm filter.

•Universal size

•Recommended to wash the inside of the mask with soap water before use.

•The number of pieces in stock is limited

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Goods in EU ( Slovakia )

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36,00 €

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This product has not been verified in accordance with the requirements for protective equipment according to CE standards and standards valid in the Slovak Republic, therefore the product has no declared protective properties.
Neither the manufacturer or the seller is liable for any injuries when used for other than decorative purposes.

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