Gas mask ​​PMK-2

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Gas mask PMK 2 is designed to protect the respiratory system and vision. Protects a potential adversary from toxic substances, radioactive dust and biological aerosols. The PMK 2 gas mask provides the ability to receive water in an infected atmosphere.


Front part (MB1-80) with silicate spectacle glasses
Frame Canvas Bag
Box with NPN - 62.5
Tag - 2 pcs.
Flask cover
Knitted filter cover
Rubber clamp cord - 2 pcs.
Rubber tube
Rubber ring - 2 pcs.

Suitable for collectors.

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How to use filters and reducers


Resistance to breathing on inspiration at a constant air flow rate of 30 l / min, (Pa) mm water. Art. - 180 (18)
Filter Life - 240 hours
length of continuous stay - 24 hours
speech intelligibility - 95%
Operating temperature range, ° С - 40 ... + 50
Overall dimensions, mm. 310 × 180 × 180
Weight without bag - 960 gr.

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