Combat Suit Gorka 3m

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 “Gorka” suit, which has been manufactured since the late 80s, has established itself as a reliable, convenient, and inexpensive suit among law enforcement officials. Unfortunately, in the middle of the 2000s the suit almost wasn’t developed in any way, despite the availability of new materials, velcro panels and other innovations.

Mordor Tac. company solved this problem by releasing a new generation of “Gorka” suits. Having preserved the strong sides of the suit (indestructibility, affordable price and convenience) they introduced several innovations.

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Despite the classic design, the costume was completely re-created. Reinforcing inserts are made of modern material "Janus", which has wind-and waterproof treatment and breathes great. Slot buttons on the tape, velcro panels, were added and the suit was reinforced with a special machine. The cut of the suit was revised, which benefited both the design and the comfort of wearing. The top of the suit is made in the form of a Jacket, with a full clasp on the canadian buttons along the length, the bottom of the suit is a classic trousers of the "Gorka" type with cargo pockets and dusters.


• Wind-moisture protection.
• IR remission.
• Classic Jacket.
• Velcro panels on the sleeves.
• The indestructibility of “Gorka” even in the most severe conditions thanks to the reinforcements of the “Janus” fabric.


•The main part — tent canvas with wind- and waterproof treatment (100% cotton). Inserts - “Janus” NYCO fabric with wind- and waterproof treatment (51% cotton, 49% polyamide).


• 1.5Kg

• Made in Russia

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