Leg pouch for grenades

New product

• Providing additional four grenades to the total ammunition.
• Placing on the thigh, and not directly on the waist belt increases the convenience of access to grenades.
• The ability to adjust the size of the coverage of the legs with a double-slot buckle and fastex.
• Possibility of adjusting the position of the pouch vertically with a duffel buckle.
• Does not press on the thigh muscles due to the use of slings + flat elastic bands.
• Due to the use of the buckle in the belt-to-pouch connection, the pouch is put on and removed without having to unfasten the waist belt.
• The pouch is hung on both the right and left thighs.
• Valves are adjustable in length.
• Velcro pouch valve fixation.

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Fabric: art. 04s27 Mogotex
Made in Russia

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