Pouch for RGD-5 F-1

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• Serves for placing hand grenades RGO, RGN, RGD-5, F-1.
• To prevent dirt, sand, etc. from entering. the pouch has a volumetric valve.
• The valve is closed with a turnstile button. To facilitate opening, especially in winter conditions, the valve is equipped with a grip from a belt line.
• Inside the pocket on the back wall is a sling designed for fixing a grenade inside the pocket for the fuse lever.
• This pouch can also be used to place individual items of sapper equipment. For example, the PM-4 subversive machine; accessories of a special sapper kit, etc.
• In the bottom part of the pouch there is a hole for water drainage.
Dimensions mm: 110х60х65.
Weight: 50 gr.

Cordura 1000D or fabric art. 04с27 Mogotex.

8,00 €

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