Training Helmet "6b47 - Ratnik"

New product

Replica of the newest helmet of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation. Designed for the "Ratnik" combat gear set.

6B47 is recognized as the best lightweight helmet in the world.

We present you a new version of the Russian training helmet 6b47 Ratnik. This model was developed according to our requirements. The main difference from all other replicas is the weight and thickness of the material. At first glance, the helmet looks and weighs like the original. If you do not know that the helmet is training, it is difficult to distinguish it from the combat version. The size of the helmet is adjustable and identical to the original. The best choice for those who do not like to wear light thin copies.

Exclusive product for Russian Army Shop

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79,00 €

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99,00 €

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The helmet has no ballistic properties and will not protect the wearer from firearms!

• Resistant to airsoft and air guns.
• Made of durable plastic.
• Made in Russia

Production and delivery time may be reduced or increased. It all depends on the factories load.


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