K6-3 Helmet

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The production of the helmet for 2014 was carried out by the Research Institute of Steel. The K6-3 helmet is a copy of the Altyn helmet, which was intended for the special forces of the KGB (hereinafter the FSB). Research Institute of Steel did not have the right to release "Altyn" for sale, in connection with which they created a commercial version called K6-3. Helmet K6-3 differs from "Altyn" in that it does not have a radio communication headset on the outside of the helmet.

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315,00 €

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• High quality replica of helmet K6-3.

• Made of impact-resistant fiberglass.

• All hinged fittings are made of metal.

• Visor and glass frame are welded of 2mm steel.

• Original strap harness system.

• Inlay is of polyurethane foam.

• Suitable for playing airsoft.

• Adjustable universal size.

Helmet weight about 2.5 kg.

Helmet has no ballistic properties and will not protect the wearer from firearms!

Made in Russia.

Production and delivery time may be reduced or increased. It all depends on the factories load.

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