Ghillie suit "Summer Forest"

New product

• Provides visual masking on the vegetative background of deciduous forests.
• Designed for conducting covert warfare and hunting.
• Kit is made of a strong polyester mesh, which perfectly masks and does not interfere with thermoregulation.

The basis of the whole set consists of a fine, durable mesh of 100% polyester. Fabric for camouflage strips 100% polyester is not “rusting.”
Fabric and color of the materials used for the manufacture of the kit have the properties of IR remission, which allows masking from optoelectronic devices.

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137,00 €

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• Straight cut.
• There are holes on the sides for access to the primary clothing.
• Adjustable sleeves.
• Adjustable hood with slippers.

• Loose cut.
• Adjustable waist.
• Pockets for access to primary clothing.
• Adjustable bottom part of pants.

Manufacturer: L.I.M.K (Russia)

Production and delivery time may be reduced or increased. It all depends on the factories load.