Flex Pouch "Impulse Pistol"

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The "Impulse Pistol" pouch was created for the most popular mags in Russia - the Yarygin 9x19 Pistol, but can be used for any other Glock pistols (all versions on 9x19), Beretta 9x19, almost any airsoft magazines.

The composition of the main fabric "Impulse" includes nylon, spandex, Teflon, so this fabric stretches perfectly and tightly fits the magazine, not letting it fall out, and thanks to nylon is very strong (up to 10,000 reload cycles).

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• The weight is 3 times lower than the analogs made of plastic.
• Low profile, the pouch does not bulge if there is no magazine in it.
• Suitable for any mags (including airsoft one).
• High durability - up to 10,000 reload cycles.
• IR Remission.
• It has non-flammable and water-repellent properties.
• The fabric has a memory effect, after several uses, the pouch adapts to a specific mag, perfectly repeating its shape, and also stretches if necessary,
if the mag enters and exits tightly during the first use.


• Base: Hypalon ORCA ® (Belgium).
• Main Fabric: Impulse Nylon 90%, Spandex 8%, Teflon 2% (Russia).
• Contact Tape: 100% VELCRO ® Nylon (Belgium).


• 20 gram

Made in Russia

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