POSP 6x42 Optical Sight

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POSP 6х42, 6х42 Pro are intended for conducting of shotgun aimed fire, as well as for observation of the objects of nature. Reticle illumination allows to execute aiming in the twilight. The sights are equipped with distance measuring reticles which allow to perform a rough estimation of a distance to the object. There is a possibility to set the angles of sights depending on a distance to the target and lateral corrections (for a wind, target movement). They are hermetically tight, filled with nitrogen which prevents weeping of the optical parts at temperature difference

Mount types:

POSP 6x42  ( AK, Vepr )

POSP 6x24T  ( SVD,Tiger )

Aiming reticle "Pro" - in the sight there is a possibility of more accurate aiming at the target.

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310,00 €

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Visible magnification, ratio 6

Angular field of view, deg. 4

Lens clear aperture, mm 40

Resolution power, ang. s 75

Exit pupil diameter, mm 6,75

Linear value of field of view at a distance of 1000 m, m 8

Eye relief from the last surface of the eyepiece, mm 3

Supply voltage of the reticle illumination electric circuit, V 3

Power source 2 AG13

Overall dimensions with an eye shade, mm,max 433x167x82

Weight, kg, max 0,9

Operating temperature range, oC -50 ... +50

Manufacture - Optics factory "Belomo" ( Belarus )

Production and delivery time may be reduced or increased. It all depends on the factories load.