Red Dot EKP-1S-03 "Kobra"

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The use of KOBRA sights increases the effectiveness of shooting at moving and rapidly appearing targets by 2–3 times, at fixed targets by 1.5–2 times. The sight can be used for shooting in deep night conditions with goggles or night vision devices. The sights were tested at the Central Research Institute "Tochmash" - the leading enterprise in Russia for the development of special-purpose product.

"Kobra" can be installed on any AK side Rail of AKM or AK-74. Uses LT14250 B5 or CR2 batteries, can be replaced with a similar one.

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• Simplicity - the sight is easily and quickly installed on the standard rail of the weapon using a standard clip

• Reliability - the sight is designed for shooting from smooth-bore and rifled weapons with powerful cartridges, including 12 caliber (Magnum, 7.62 × 54.30–06);

• Convenience - a wide range of brightness adjustment of the aiming mark - 16 steps;

• Versatility - 4 aiming marks - depending on the target, shooting conditions.

• Memory effect - brightness level settings and reticle type are saved and automatically restored each time the scope is turned on.

• Material: Aluminium.

Weight: 500 gram.

Temperature range of the sight - from - 40 to + 50 С.

Dust and moisture protection Not afraid of water, dirt ( IP-68 ).

• Made in Russia by Aksion.

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