One point sling "Y-MOD"

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The "Y-MOD" sling is attached to the shoulder straps, without using a classic pillow. Due to the belt attachment on the shoulder straps, the weapon is located in the center of the body and its weight is distributed evenly. At the same time, the armor plates do not lift up and the belt does not interfere with interacting with weapons and equipment.

The sling is attached to the weapon with a carbine, which has a free movement on an elastic cord, which does not limit the speed and maneuverability when working with the weapon. At the ends of the elastic cord there are buckles that allow you to quickly unfasten the weapon. The belt also comes with a regular pillow, so you can use it without embedding it in the plate, like a regular single-point belt.

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13,72 €


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• The unique design allows you to integrate the sling into almost any plate or body armor.
• Suitable for almost any weapon with a butt (including AK Series, Vityaz, and AR-15 with any butt).
• The use of a special adapter on the butt (included in the kit) allows you to fold the butt on the AKS-74, AK-74M, AK-12 without unbuckling the belt.
• With the help of a cushion (included in the kit), it is possible to use it as a normal single-point belt.
• The cushion consists of three layers, including a 3D mesh and a damping layer, so it does not rub or press, distributing the load over the entire area.


• Strap: 100% ITGF polyester (Russia).
• Contact tape: 100% VELCRO ® nylon (Belgium).
• Elastic cord: polyester 39%, natural rubber 61% Gentex ® (Italy).
• Plastic hardware: 100% Apri ® polyacetal (Russia).
• Metal hardware: steel 100% factory Trud (Russia).


• 145 gram.

Made in Russia.