SVD fast pouch "OpenTop-338"

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The design of the pouch uses fabric, plastic and polymer elements. The main purpose of this type of pouches is to hold, its main feature is the ability to quickly remove magazines. The absence of rigid mounts allows you to instantly remove the magazine, and no less quickly put it back into the pouch. Equipped with Molle attachment system.

The pouch tightening system easily holds the magazines inside without additional valves or elastic bands, and also allows you to place the pouch with the magazine down.

OpenTop pouches are the middle link between open frameless pouches and pouchers. The design of the OpenTop pouch makes it multipurpose and allows you to place magazines from various small arms with a caliber of 338.

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20,00 €

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• Quick removal of the magazine from the pouch.
• The pouch is suitable for placing magazines from various small arms.
• Reliable fixation of the magazine inside the pouch.


• Fabric: Fabric: Cordura 1000D (OD, Black, Coyote, Moss, Multicam); Kordon 500D (Digital Flora).


• 100 gram

Made in Russia

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