Chestrig "Jaeger-Bastion"


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The "Jaeger-Bastion" chestrig is equipped with three pouches for 2 AK mags (if you remove the partition, you can fit as many as three). There are also two pouches for a ROP or a smoke bomb and 4 grenade pouches.

The design of the straps assumes an X-shaped wearing, which makes it convenient to use the chestrig with backpacks. Also, the vest has the ability to quickly reset and has loops at the bottom for attaching a 40 mm belt. To remove moisture, all pockets are equipped with drainage holes with grommets.

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98,00 €

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• Simple and reliable vest.
• Accommodates from 6 to 9 AK mags.
• Quick reset option.
• Durable and wear-resistant materials.


• Cordon 500D.


• 760 gram

Made in Russia.