SSO Chest-Rig "Lazutchik-M"

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Russian chest rig "SSO Lazutchik-M" is lightweight as possible, developed on the basis of the British DPM CHEST WEBBING and is intended for soldiers of units operating in dense urban development, underground communications, dense undergrowth, for a long time inside vehicles (armored personnel carriers / infantry fighting vehicles, armored vehicles), making parachute jumps and descent from helicopters along the tightrope.

The main difference from the classic version are the "silent pouches".

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86,00 €

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Vest have pouches for:
•8 to 12 AK mags.
•6 grenades
•1 medical tourniquet
•big ‘kangeroo’ bag between mags and chest.
•Molle around shoulders to add for example holster, radio etc

Made in Russia by SSO

Production and delivery time may be reduced or increased. It all depends on the factories load.

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