MN-120 3rd Generation

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MN-120 is 3rd Generation of Night monocular used with Russian infantry combat system Ratnik. 

Night monocular VALDAI-MN-120 is designed for covert surveillance in low light conditions and aimed fire at night when used in conjunction with a collimator sight.

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Design and technical features of the night monocular VALDAI-MN-120

- built-in IR illuminator with a wavelength invisible to the naked eye, provides the ability to covertly observe in complete darkness both at close and remote distances;
- special high-aperture optics provides high resolution throughout the field of view;
- Electron-optical converters (EOC) of the last 3rd generation are used;
- automatic indication in the field of view of turning on the IR illuminator and discharging the power source;
- ultra-light construction of a special high-strength composite material ensures tightness when immersed in water to a depth of 1 meter;
- control of the device with one hand, including the glove;
- compatible with laser target designators;

Features of the use of night monocular VALDAI-MN-120

- use on a helmet with a flip-up reliably fixing fastening as an observant device;
- use with a 3-fold or 5-fold attachment for observation at long distances;
- use on the weapon with fastening on the Picatinny rail with a collimator sight;
- the use of eye-piece eyecup excludes eyepiece illumination at night.

Increase multiplicity 1
Angular field of view, 40 degrees
Lens: focal length / aperture 27.5mm / 1: 1.2
Type of supply, voltage universal supply, element type "AA", 1.5V or "CR123" 3V
Diopter adjustment range, dpt from -5 to +5
Removal of the exit pupil, mm 25
Operating time from one element, not less than 60 hours
Operating temperature range, ºС from -40 to +50
Overall dimensions, mm 120 * 70 * 52
Mass 350 g

Manufacturer: Jupiter Optics

Production takes 4 weeks, but the time may be reduced or increased. It all depends on the factories load.