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Among the many items included in the VKBO All-Season Field Gear Set, an important place is occupied by such a headdress as the Balaklava ( hat-mask ).

VKBO Balaclava is one of the most important thing of "Polite People".

Made of knit wool ensures flexibility and shape on face and neck.

The hood is suitable for cold weather.

The high wool content ensures excellent thermal insulation properties.

VKBO Balaclava can be used as a winter hat.

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20,00 €

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•Standard Balaclava of Russian Army.

•Simple and durable.

•Made of knit wool.

•Suitable for cold weather.

•Excellent thermo-insulating properties.

Made in Russia

Production and delivery time may be reduced or increased. It all depends on the factories load.

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