VKBO Waterproof Suit

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Russian army windproof and waterproof membrane suit is part of the VKBO and belongs to the 6th level of uniform. This VKBO layer is designed to be worn in high humidity conditions. The main task of windproof waterproof clothing is to protect the body from getting wet and wind.

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•Adjustable hood
•2 openings (waterproof zipper)
•Double zipper
•Regulated bottom & sleeve ends
•Elbow reinforcements
•Waterproof sews


•Adjustable waist & bottom
•2 openings on velcro
•Loops for suspenders attachment
•Side zipper on the bottom for better slip of shoes & emergency access
•Knee & sitting reinforcements

Material: 100% Polyamid (membrane)

Made in Russia

Production and delivery time may be reduced or increased. It all depends on the factories load.


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