VKBO Winter Mittens

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Insulated mittens are part of the all-season field uniform set (VKBO) of the armed forces of Russian Federation.

VKBO mittens are lightweight and compact. The upper fabric repels moisture, protects from snow and wind. Insulation does not absorb moisture, keeping you warm. Designed for use in extreme cold conditions.

It is possible to attach mittens to the sleeves of a jacket from VKBO winter suit to prevent their loss.

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22,00 €

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Adjustable in size.

•Additional removable fleece insulation.

•Work best with a VKBO winter suit.

•Upper fabric repels moisture.

•Protects from snow, wind.

Dry quickly.

Made in Russia

Production and delivery time may be reduced or increased. It all depends on the factories load.

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